View Full Version : Help to Order by colum

2012-02-15, 01:08 AM
Hi! Ineed help to order by "X" colum with complicated data.

this colum have a text format. contains a book number and year like this "1542/02" book number 1542 from 2002.

how can do to order by year ? it's imposible ? i mean, first criteria must be year, later the book number.

maybe i have to change de cell format for a custom one, i try somes but get an error ..... and then the order data. uff, headake

thanks !!

Ken Puls
2012-02-15, 06:57 AM
What I would do is use another column to flip the data into the format that I need it. Assuming your data is in column A:

If you run that down a column you should end up with your year first, and now it should sort by year then book.