View Full Version : Facing issue in picking/copying data from two columns to two different columns

2017-02-09, 04:29 AM
The issue is explained in the sheet attached.

2017-02-09, 07:08 AM
Hi and welcome
Although there is no official rule regarding this behavior, it is best that wherever possible both the question AND the answer be provided in substantive detail here within the thread.
An attached workbook is an excellent aid for posing a question and offering a solution, but solely doing that with no in thread explanation makes it difficult for researchers to understand or consider the Q & A of this thread without downloading what may be a pointless doc to them, if they can do that at all. Doing that also hides the content from search engines so others may never benefit from this.

2017-02-13, 05:10 AM
All we want is, the data to be copied from columns 2 & 3 of Query Table to Columns 5 & 6 of Expected Output table depending upon the values present in Column 1 of Query table. As in first case we have four consecutive numbers 1,2,3,4 highlighted as yellow in Column 1. Thus in this case we have total 4 numbers and the values picked from column 2 and column 3 and copied to column 5 & column 6 are 3 because(4-1 = 3). For the last value i.e. 4 in this case in colun 1 a blank line will be inserted corresponding to it in expected output table. Simililarly in next case we have we have five consecutive numbers 1,2,3,4,5 highlighted as red in Column 1. Thus here we will pick and copy only 4 values because 5-1 = 4, For the last value i.e. 5 in this case in colun 1 a blank line will be inserted corresponding to it in expected output table. A case where only one value is present in column 1 as marked as light value no value should be picked because here 1-1 = 0. Actually this is to be done for thousands of rows which is not posisble manually. If you have any issue in understanding the whole problem please communicate me on meetvivek72attherategmail.com