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2016-12-29, 06:29 PM
Maybe the obvious is evading me... What is the best method to accomplish the following in Power Pivot:

Only show "items" that comprise 80% of a sales value for a given filter selection. i.e. East, West, South, etc.

Right now I'm simply using "SHOW TOP 20" in the Pivot Table Value Filter.

This ends up showing more items than a straight 80% of sales. I have been playing with Calculate and Filter options but not success yet.

Thanks for any tips...


Owen Auger
2016-12-30, 12:16 AM
Hi Spencer_2

Have a look at:

You might want to use the measure in the section "Dynamic Classification on Page-Filter Level".

Note, that page was written without the use of DAX variables.

2017-03-07, 01:12 AM
Just read thru this... Good stuff but a bit more complex than my current situation demands. Thanks for the tip.