View Full Version : Duplicate data in columns

2016-12-22, 08:57 PM
got this so close... I have a data table and months are across columns(cross tab). Simple enough I un-pivoted the date columns. The issue is that there we 3 other data columns that unpivoted as well and what should be a single entry has now duplicated for every month.

Does the solution lie in what columns to include in the un-pivot steps OR is there a method to remove all but one instance?

As always... thanks for the help.


Ken Puls
2016-12-22, 10:03 PM
How did you do the unpivot? Typcially if I have a setup like this:

Header1, Header2, Header3, Month1, Month2, Month3

I'll select the Header1 through Header 3 columns (hold down the SHIFT key to select the range of columns), right click the header of one of them and choose "UnPivot Other Columns". This way only the columns that I want unpivoted are done.

2016-12-22, 11:19 PM
Followed the same method. The issue is with other columns that are annual totals and not monthly values. Will need to provide an upload so we can see. Probably tomorrow.
btw, bought the M is for Data Monkey's and am loving it. Thank you.