View Full Version : Need help in calculating the sum of times in different columns

2012-01-27, 12:20 AM
I have an excel file in which I have different time handeled for different users which is exported from a tool (COntains also some merged cells)
I have a formula which is calculating the sum of chats handedled in a correct manner (Working good) but if I use the same kind of formula it is giving the value as 0 (Zero). Please help me in fixing the problem. I am attaching both the formulas (The working one and the not working one also)
The first one (Working) is

=SUMIF('Page 1'!C1:C53,"Total",'Page 1'!K1:K53)
The one which is not working is

=SUMIF('Page 1'!C1:C53,"Total",'Page 1'!AS1:AS53)
I am also attaching the file for testing.

I cannot do it after unmerge because I have to do this calculation for every 30 min for above 200 sheets.

Ken Puls
2012-01-27, 04:19 AM
Sorry, but why do you need to have the merged cells in there?

Merged cells are HUGELY problematic in Excel, and this isssue is directly related to that feature. If you can get rid of the merged cells this would be a piece of cake.