View Full Version : Cell Formatting In A Table Based Upon Another Cell In The Same Row

2016-11-30, 08:22 PM

I have a table with multiple headers for ongoing project tracking.

Column C is my project Status - Design, Complete, Production etc
Column K is my project Costs to Date
I want Column K to be filled Yellow if Column C value in the same row is not "Complete"

I've done conditional formatting for K2 (Row 1 being the header) to be "=$C$2="Complete"" however, every row added thereafter that is added is also triggered by C2.
Now, when I change it to 'C2' instead of '$C$2', it appears to work, however I am concerned with when I sort the table if that formatting will follow the K2 cell....I know when I use other formula such as SUMIF there is an [Status] or [Costs To Date] portion of the formula

2016-12-01, 06:09 AM