View Full Version : Need help in Power Query Date Requirement

2016-11-10, 09:04 AM
Dear Gurus,

I receive every day report in html format for 3 products store wise. I thought about using power query option of importing data from folder so i would put those files every day in the folder and refresh it in my query file. All is good but the problem is all files have the same format which i receive every day and it does not include any date in it so i cant identify date wise sales .

I need a solution in which all files i put in the folder in html format which doesnt have any dates in it,once ipmorted in to power query identify the dates itself so i can use slicers .


2016-11-10, 10:36 AM
Put the date in the filename and use that.

2016-11-23, 07:44 PM
Hi Zohaib,

you can use the "date created" attribute of the file to identify the dates.