View Full Version : DAX measure to count values above average

2012-01-17, 08:42 PM
I'm struggling with something that should be simple - I'm sure I'm missing something obvious:

I'm trying to count the number of values that are below the average (plus a little filtering).

I have one data set, with two columns

column1 || column2
6 || 1
5 || 1
7 || 1
6 || 1
5 || 2
7 || 2
6 || 2

I simply want a measure that will return the number of values in column1, for which two criteria are true:

[column1] is above the average of values in [column1] for which column2 = 1
Should be simple, right? I'm pulling my hair out trying to write a CALCULATE measure that doesn't generate an error.

2012-01-18, 09:06 PM
Try creating a calculated column in the table to hold the average of column1 where column2 = 1.
Then use that calculated column in your measure.

&& Table1[column2]=1))