View Full Version : Excel/word working & linking together??

2016-10-06, 07:12 PM

I have a master excel spreadsheet. What Id like to do is insert word documents in separate tabs on this worksheet. I have done that (although only 1 page is visible until I go into edit them, then the whole document shows up is it possible to see all pages of the word doc at once?).

What Id like to do next is add into that word document an excel table(?) where I can use a formula to get certain cell values from the initial excel worksheet and add them into the new word document page. Does that make sense?

If its easier to understand with details I have a master price sheet for all products, in excel. Id like to have our on-line product sheets (usually done in word and/or pdf, or publisher) be able to link back and reference the current price of the product and add it to product document, plus then Id like to break that price down with another formula as to what it will cost per day for this item.

does anyone know if this is possible to do?
Thank you

2016-10-26, 05:45 PM
so you want to paste entire word documents into individual cells? Not sure exactly what you are after.

2016-10-27, 09:44 PM
It sounds like your Word Documents could be too large for Excel to handle. If the text is going into an individual cell, Excel has a limit on how much its able to display. However, if you edit the text, you get to see more data because edit can show up to the limit that can be stored in a cell (which is more than the display limit). I may be off the mark here, so I won't bother to look up the character limits unless it will help you.