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2016-09-19, 04:08 AM
Hi guys,

I have been struggling to group the dates in a pivot table to get the month and year hierarchy in addition the days. I would really appreciate if you could help me. I tried almost everything...
Here is how I get my data. 1. My Raw Data is a table that is refreshable thru embedded SQL script that has a column with dates - let's say it's column A. 2. This column A that is populated from SQL has dates in the format 01/20/2016 and also has blanks. I am doing few steps thru formulas to create another column - column B. As i need to return the Sunday of that specific date - for example if the date is saying 9/20/2016 - column B will return 09/18/2016. Bascially Column B has the dates equal to the dates in column A, and whatever is blank in column A is #N/A in column B. 3. I am creating column C to grab the dates from column B in a following way: Column C=IFERROR(COLUMN B,"01/01/2018"). So whatever in #N/A in column B I am saying let it be equal to "01/01/2018". 4. I am creating a pivot table from this raw data table and dragging the column C as it's mu date column. Then I want to group these dates into months and years as well. However I am either getting the error "Cannot group this selection" or if it is grouping it is creating another column called Group 1 which is not what i am looking for, don't know if it can be converted to months or years? on the home tab there is a [Group Selection] section which is greyed out. I think if it is not greyed out it will be able to give me the option of choosing month and year hierarchy. I checked column c ( my date column) there are no blanks - the format it 1/2/2016, don't know why it's not grouping. I tried [Text to Columns] within pivot table , got an error. I tried [Text to Columns] in the raw data table it is converting columnn C into it its actual formauls: Iferror...
Can anyone help me with this? I have already used so much time searching and still nothing helps.
Thanks in Advance,

2016-09-19, 07:00 AM
A formula like =IFERROR(COLUMN B,"01/01/2018") returns a TEXT string which cannot be grouped ( it is left aligned in a cell if no alignment formatting is applied)

Perhaps try =IFERROR(B1,"01/01/2018"+0) and format as date.

If this does not help, post a small sample sheet. Be aware that if you have empty cells in your date range, grouping will not work either.

PS might I suggest in the future to shorten your explanation a bit and cut it into paragraphs to make it more readable?

2016-09-19, 07:07 AM
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