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2016-08-30, 11:40 PM
Hi guys,

Sorry if this has been already addressed somewhere, I've been trouble finding anything to do this for me so hoping someone can shed some light on this topic.

I am building a web app/site using HTML5, JS, etc. I wanted to know if it's possible to;

1. Launch an Excel Cube spreadsheet from a web app. If a spreadsheet that has been built to connect to a Cube and lives on the web server (where the database/SSAS Cube live) - can this be launched from within a web app so that it is like launching it on the web server? I'm not sure this is possible - the Excel spreadsheet would just be downloaded locally, and if the user doesn't have Excel installed locally, this is no good?

2. I've got a bunch of filters and dropdowns on my web app (HTML) that I want to feed into a pre-defined Excel spreadsheet to create variations of the report - is this possible to do from a web app?

Thanks in advance,