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2011-12-12, 06:24 PM
ok, I am very new to this. and I am looking for some help with a formula.

I am creating a sales sheet, used for the purpose of giving customers a delivered cost. But I would like to be able to round up to the nearest interval of .05 cents. As an Example:

Cost Freight Brokerage Delivered
10.00 4.17 .35 14.52

i would like to know how to create the formula, so that the price will automatically round up to the next .05 increment.

My work sheet has the formulas for the sums, and then directly related to my quote sheet which gets faxed out. I added my work sheet, and if you look at page (Greens Calculator) I highlighted cells F2 & F3 to demonstrate. Should you look at the page (Price Sheet) all the delivered prices are the same.

I hope I have explained this, and that somebody can give me a quick answer.



Ken Puls
2011-12-13, 06:09 AM
Hi there,

Try this in F3: =MROUND(SUM(B3+D3+E3),0.05)

Just be warned that if you try and send this to a user running Excel 2003, they'll see a #NAME? error if they haven't activated the Analysis Toolpack. (Easy to fix though, just get them to go to Tools-->Addins and check "Analysis Toolpack")

Hope it helps,

2011-12-13, 06:27 PM
As mattio want to round up to the next 0.05 increment,
Try this in F3: =CEILING(SUM(B3+D3+E3),0.05)
"MROUND rounds up, away from zero, if the remainder of dividing number by multiple is greater than or equal to half the value of multiple."
Best regards

2011-12-16, 01:05 AM
I generally do something like this: