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2016-07-26, 06:31 PM

I have a problem I hope someone could help me with. I have in a document listed the distance between several cities. I now want a new table to show me different values, depending on the distance between the cities. For example I want every city with less than 100 km between each other to show 0 in the new table. Stores with less than 200, but more than 100, should show 100 and so on.

Is this possible, and how?

2016-07-26, 06:54 PM
Is this possible, and how?Yes,
You should set an example file with expected results.
I doubt that someone will enter data instead of you, so create a formula and test the respective formula? On the screenshot can not be anything to do

BTW: You can use VLOOKUP formula (http://learn-free-excel-2013-for-beginners.blogspot.com/2014/11/vlookup.html) and helper range