View Full Version : Apparently related tables yielding results in pivot table as if unrelated

2011-11-30, 11:28 PM

I'm new here. I just found this forum while trying to troubleshoot an obstacle. Here's my situation:

I have a very simple PowerPivot setup. I'm using two tables only. I manually related them by a simple whole number key. I got no error message when relating these tables, and I can view and edit the relationship.

However, when I create a PowerPivot pivot table with this data set, the values are the same in every cell all the way down each column.
According to TechNet (technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg413446.aspx), this phenomenon is the result of adding unrelated data to the pivot table. I'm definitely using the correct (apparently related) columns from these tables in the pivot table.

I seem to be at a dead end right now. I can't think of what else to try or check.

Anyone have any ideas?


Ken Puls
2011-12-01, 12:06 AM
Hi Jeanette, and welcome to the forum.

Is there any way you could attach a copy of the workbook with sanitized data so I can see the issue first hand? If not, maybe we can mock something up...

2012-01-24, 10:33 PM
when you create a relationship between a fact table and a dimension table the filter context of the fact table does not affect the dimension table. Only the filter context on a dimension table will be propagated to the fact table. Take a look at the relationship and see if this is the case. If you can provide some sample data and explain the relationship then it will be easier to troubleshoot.