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2011-11-29, 07:24 AM
I'm trying to create a menu element that works like the Column or Line selections in Excel's "Insert" tab where a set of galleries or buttons are organized into sub-categories with headers above each category, but I have been unable to make it work.

When I use the Menu element, I can add a MenuSeparator that creates the category headings, but if I then try to add a gallery under the separator, it shows up to the right of the menu (like a sub-menu) rather than under the separator.

Is there any way to organize galleries within a Menu like Excel does throughout its Ribbon?


Ken Puls
2011-11-29, 08:28 AM
Hi there, and welcome to the forum,

I've modified one of the examples from the RibbonX book, and the result I'm getting is exactly what you're seeing.


If I recall correctly on this, this is one of the aspects that MS could do that we can't. One of my co-authors wrote this chapter of the book though, so I'll ping him and see if I'm off base on that.

(Sample file is attached, just so I don't have to re-create it later.)

2011-11-29, 02:50 PM
Thanks for the fast reply, Ken. Interestingly Excel uses that formatting all over the place in their Ribbons, but that would at least explain why I haven't been able to make that work.

I look forward to hearing from your co-author. Your book has been extremely helpful, by the way!