View Full Version : How to calculate subscription Contract value along pivot table time slices?

2016-05-19, 01:18 PM
Hello All!

I am new to the forum, and for all my reasearch here I was not able to find an answer to my problem. I hope the gurus here can help me... :pray2:

I have a tablewith the following headers: Customer name, Yearly Subscription Revenue, Start Date, End Date.

My objective is to have a dynamic pivot table that would calculate the revenue per time slice for each customer. For instance if I have a yearly revenue of 12'000 and the pivottable has months in column, it would indicate 1000 per month. Grouping by quarters would result in 3'000 and so on. Ideally, the calculation would take into account the start date and end date of the contract...

Does anybody have any insights on how to manage this ?
thank you all in advance ;)