View Full Version : Bob Phillips, you out there? I still owe you that beer...

2011-11-22, 09:37 AM
Haven't visited the forum for a while, and just saw Bob sent me a notification dated a couple of months ago to let me know he is down here in New Zealand round about now. I've replied, but wonder if Bob will be visiting the forum while he's on holiday.

If anyone's got Bob's email address, can they please flick him a note to say that Jeff Weir belatedly got his message, and that I can be reached on weir.jeff@gmail.com



Ken Puls
2011-11-23, 05:26 AM
Hey Jeff,

I'm not sure exactly when he leaves NZ... I'll follow up with you on reaching him via PM.

Bob Phillips
2011-11-23, 12:53 PM
Hello Jeff,

No, not there any longer I am afraid. I got back on Sunday.

I did pass through Wellington, just over a week ago. We were not there for long, but I did find time for a nice Westmalle Dubbel beer at the Leuven Belgian Beer cafe.

Sorry it didn't happen.

2011-11-29, 09:25 AM
Hi Bob. Hopefully it wasn't too windy for you (Wellington, not the beer!)