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2016-04-18, 03:37 PM
Hi! I'm trying to assign a scoring system to a set of percentages in a pivot table. I'm running into problems when there is a roll-up (one person has multiple results rolling up to them). How do I get the calculated field to read the roll up value and assign the score? The formula in the calculated field is

= IF('Qualtiy Average' >0.95, 5, IF('Qualtiy Average' >0.9, 3, 1))

I have a roll up average of 89%, and its scoring it a 5.

If it's not possible with the calculated field, any other suggestions?

Thanks for any assistance!

2016-04-18, 09:53 PM
Excel 2010 with free Power Query Add-In.
Compatible with Excel 2013/2016.
For more help, see this book:
"The Excel Guide to Power Query" by Ken Puls
http://www.mediafire.com/download/jmcqmt0du8bc8q6/04_18_16a.pdf (http://www.mediafirehttp://www.mediafire.com/download/jmcqmt0du8bc8q6/04_18_16a.pdf.com/download/rawz6gchxsqc9s6/04_18_16a.xlsx)

2016-04-20, 05:33 PM


please post your files on the forum instead of an external link. This deprives many members of an answer as not everyone is authorized to access those links. Thank you