View Full Version : Restructuring of "Power" forums

Ken Puls
2016-03-31, 06:29 PM
Hi everyone,

As many of the forum regulars here will know, I'm pretty heavily invested in Power Query. (This subject tends to be the focus of a lot of my blog posts (www.excelguru.ca/blog), I'm part of the PowerQuery.Training project (www.powerquery.training/course) and even co-wrote M is for Data Monkey - The Excel Pro's Definitive Guide to Power Query (www.excelguru.ca/monkey).

Oddly, one of the things I never did was create a specific forum here to handle Power Query questions though. This resulted in Power Query questions being scattered through the Power Pivot sub forums, which were probably a bit too granular anyway. For that reason I've done a bit of site cleanup today in order to improve the ability for people to ask and answer questions related to the "Power" technologies. A summary of these changes is below:

The "Power Pivot" category has been renamed to "Power Technology Help". Within this master category you will find the following subforums:

Power Pivot. Now a single category to handle all Power Pivot inquiries. I have moved all Power Pivot questions asked in the past into this single forum.
Power Query (Get & Transform). This forum is intended to capture all Power Query questions. I've collected the questions asked to date and moved them in there. I've also recognized that many have gone unanswered, so have taken some steps to ensure that certain people get notified of new posts in this forum in an effort to get the questions answered.
Power Map (3D Maps). I have no idea how many questions we will see here, but this is a pretty cool technology that needs a home.
Power BI Desktop. If you're not familiar with this one, it's kind of a hybrid between Power Query, Power Pivot and Power View... so basically all the data modelling in a standalone app without Excel. It publishes to PowerBI.com (if you want) and now needs a home as well. Again, certain experts have been tagged as owner's of this forum.

Hopefully these changes will help everyone target their requests for (and responses to) help.