View Full Version : Sharing & Co Authoring docs remotely - solutions to mailmerge and conditional formati

2016-03-07, 10:57 AM
I want to take on a freelancer to do some admin work and have a few queries on how to share/ co author docs which I have currently on my desk top

Firstly I use the contract db tab on the attached doc and mailmerge to a word doc to issue contracts then convert them to PDF before sending

How would a remote user best access this table the mailmerge word doc. I would like to have co authoring if possible so both myself and the freelancer could work on the docs at the same time - is this something that could be done online - I have office 365?

Secondly I have a Deposit database to track which deposits have been received and are overdue - see Deposit DB tab - I use conditional formatting icon sets in column Q so that I can filter the table just to show those overdue. How would a remote user access and still have the functionality as Im told excel online doesnt have this functionality? Also I have data validation on column a for different company tupes and conditional formatting.

Ideally looking for the best way to set up this remote user I wondered if sharepoint or teamsite or remote log in could be the solution

Any help/ advice gratefully received