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2015-09-23, 03:56 PM
Good morning, I am new to this Forum so I hope I am in the right location. I have recently become stuck with a certain process and was wondering if I can find some assistance here. I currently need to export a table with information from a web site into my Excel client and I also need to perform modifications to it like applying filters and such, but mainly filters. Upon using the Get Data From tool located in the Data tab I can import the table information, however the problem is that when I want to apply a filter, it will not provide the required data since, when it imports the data from the web page, Excel places the data in the tables into individual cells so a cell with multiple lines of information that has a cell next to it with only one line of data gets filtered and only the data adjacent to that one line is displayed, the other line of data below it disappear because it is not associating that data that was below the first line in the cell as part of the same criteria. I cannot attach pictures here yet so I cannot show a visual aid.

In the original table brought from the web, when I bring it into Excel it places everything in cells so for instance, those 6 lines of data in the first cell of the table will be in individual cells, so since I need to filter using the criteria en the 3rd cell to the left (which has only one line of data) it will only return the first line from the first cell on the left, since in Excel, the other lines of data will be in separate cells.

My question is the following: is there a way that I can import that data into Excel so that when I filter from a cell in the top right of the table it will keep the data integrity in the cell to the left? and not truncate it?

Also, this is a public web site, I do not own the web site but I do not want to edit it, just pull in information and sort it so it is easier for me to work with what I need from it.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.

2015-09-27, 05:58 PM

Did you try Power Query ?