View Full Version : User View on Power Pivot

2015-09-14, 04:20 AM
Hi all,

I developed a database model on Excel using Power Pivot and now I am having issues developing the user views.

In a nut shell, I have 19 tables of data (mostly text data, very few numbers) on my Power Pivot model and I need to build views to regroup those information in "tables" that my users will be able to view, filter, search... (in read mode). How can I do that ??

I tried building pivot tables to regroup the information from the many tables into 1 table, but it is WAY too slow ! Each table has 50 to 70 columns (depending on the view). While building one of the pivot table, I filtered to see only 1 line because it was too slow, but at the end, I was not able to unfilter the pivot to see all 3000 rows; I got an error message saying something like my computer processor's not strong enough (because of the calculation that is performed by the pivot table I believe)

I think the problem is that the data that I am reporting in the views is text, not numbers/calculation. Is there a way to do that on Power Pivot ?

I desperately need help ... :confused2: