View Full Version : PowerPivot return value of last date for each Unique value

2015-09-08, 11:38 AM
Good day everyone,
So I've been struggling with this calculation in PowerPivot, where I want the formula to return the last project status for each project, from the last date. I have used a few formulas to at least get the last date for each project number, but have not managed to get that right either. I've tried variants of LASTNONBLANK, MAX, LASTDATE etc. but these all miss the crucial bit where it does it for each project number.
=CALCULATE(MAX(GetTimeSheetData[Date]),ALL(GetTimeSheetData)) =LASTNONBLANK(GetTimeSheetData[Date],GetTimeSheetData[Code])
.....and many others.
I have the file on the link below that shows what I need to do, any help will be most welcome......I'm busy going crazy!!