View Full Version : Access97 to PDFCreator 2.1

2015-06-24, 12:28 AM
I wanted to try the code in the knowledge base "Printing Access Reports to a PDF file", but I get a "User-defined type not defined" for the Dim pdfjob As PDFCreator.clsPDFCreator. I have an object PDFCreator that I can see in Object Browser. The docs for PDFCreator com aren't much help. Apparently the com has been completely rewritten for PDFCreator 2. There's some .js examples of conversion/merging, but I don't understand them. Any updated vba code to work with PDFCreator 2 anywhere?

2015-08-16, 07:16 PM
You solved this problem?

2015-08-16, 09:54 PM
Not directly. Apparently the app interface is still a mess. I had to change Word's printer to a PDFCreator printer, print, and then restore Word's default printer.