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2015-06-09, 04:22 PM
Hi there,

My organisation uses sharepoint; I'm trying to achieve the following 1) monthly downloads of data to a folder on the sharepoint site in a specific folder; and 2) pullling data from those files to a dashboard in another folder on the same site.

In trying to test this I've set up a simple file on my desktop and tried to run a query to a sample query to the folder where the data will be downloaded to, via the "From Other Sources > From Sharepoint List" in the "Get External Data Menu" in PQ.

When I do this with the following sample address - h t t p s colon //workspace.company.com/UK/project.aspx, the query seems to load to the editor, but I get the following error:

DataFormat.Error: OData: The given URL neither points to an OData service or a feed: 'h t t p s colon //workspace.company.com/UK/project.aspx/_vti_bin/ListData.svc'.
H t t p s colon //workspace.company.com/UK/project.aspx/ vti bin/ListData.svc'

Does anyone have any idea why this might be the case? I've spent the best part of the day trying to figure this out but without success!

Failing that - does anyone know if its possible to pull data from a file on a sharepoint site via the 'From Web' functionality?

Many thanks in advance,


2019-01-08, 01:20 PM
Hi kjt

I have a similar issue that I am trying to resolve.
Yours is different though as I notice you are putting the full path of the file in.
try with just the main bit 'h t t p s colon //workspace.company.com/
maybe add in the UK/

this link may also help


Good luck

2019-01-08, 05:29 PM
Be aware that this thread is 3 years old. It would be astonishing if it were not solved yet. :smile:

2019-01-09, 08:54 AM
Be aware that this thread is 3 years old. It would be astonishing if it were not solved yet. :smile:

Typical...and there's me just trying to be helpful whilst I wait for some help of my own :smile:
I should have looked at the date, but it was at the top of the list...