View Full Version : Circular Graphing & Trend Extraction

2015-05-23, 09:21 AM
Hi All,

I am making a spreadsheet for work in terms of tracking average times at certain times of the day.
This allows me to change the origin and destination and the graph automatically changes.

I have a few problems though that I hope someone more experienced than I am could help with.
I have attached a screenshot of the current problem.
-the blue lines and dot are what I currently have as data.
-the red line is what would happen if the first point (earliest) is linked through 00:00 to the last (latest) point.
-the yellow line is if the curve that was produced was of best fit.

I am wondering how to get both of these two lines to automatically connect to create a "circular" graph (not sure what to call it)

I was then also hoping to be able to input a time (green line) and it would extract the time taken from the yellow line to give the predicted time.

I am hoping to do this without the need for macros though if its the only option then It'll have to do.

If someone could help me that would be much appreciated.

I have attached the worksheet below.