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2015-05-21, 11:08 AM
Hello All,
I have recently started on PowerPivot and love it.

I am trying to do 'GETPIVOTDATA' function from it though and got confused by the following. (Note that I purposely did not want to use CUBEVALUE).
I am trying to GETPIVOTDATA from pivot table similar like below. I'm trying to make it floating reference, so I wanted to replace the year and month with cell reference; (highlighted in red) below.
I have found out that I'm supposed to do ["&...&"] but I'm not sure what the . between 2014 (2.014) refers to, and the . between month 12 (1.2) refers to. Also, not sure why it gives me the E3 and E1 reference eventhough it refers to nothing in my power pivot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Note that this pivot table is obtained from data which is linked to sql connection instead of table; hence may be the reason it says [Query] instead of .


GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Sum of salesvalue]",$B$5,"[Query].[Year]","[Query].[Year].&[2.014E3]","[Query].[Month]","[Query].[Month].&[1.E1]")

GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Sum of salesvalue]",$B$5,"[Query].[Year]","[Query].[Year].&[2.014E3]","[Query].[Month]","[Query].[Month].&[1.2E1]")

[TABLE="width: 192"]

Example of pivot table:

Sum of salesvalue
Column Labels


Row Labels

Product A

Product B