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2015-04-30, 06:19 PM
This might be a trivial question for you excel-ninjas but I can`t figure this out.

I try something as simple as linking in powerpivot a sales table with Year, Month and Week columns with another media spend table with different Year, Month and Week columns but with different number of rows. There is no dates here in either of the tables so I can`t link directly with a date table (as I have downloaded from Azure). In order to link the two tables I have made a YearMonthWeek column (translated from Norwegian):

=TEXT([@YEAR];"0000")&TEXT(MONTH("1"&[@MONTH]);"00")&TEXT([@WEEK];"00") - the results in this output: 20120312 etc. Fine! (another excel-ninja gave me this function).

So far so good. I manage to link the tables in powerpivot (no error message) but the problem appears when I`m trying to create pivot tables from the two different tables. Then the error message: "Relation is neccesary" proofs that there is a link missing anyway. But I have established relation between the two tables...What have I missed here?

I don`t know if I have managed to describe my problem but if anyone in this forum could help me out I would really appreciate that! Do I miss a magical function or what?

PS! I tried to make a demo-file but it didn`t pass the limitations at this forum. But I will send the file on email if anyone will help me out.


Bob Phillips
2015-04-30, 08:00 PM
Post the workbook in one of the web share sites, or OneDrive, or DropBox, loads of options.

2015-04-30, 10:17 PM
Where/how can I find the web share sites, or OneDrive, or DropBox?
Hopefully you forgive a rookie on this site:-)


Bob Phillips
2015-04-30, 10:48 PM
I use cjoint, http://www.cjoint.com/

2015-06-05, 12:06 PM
need help in this as well