View Full Version : Ms excel 2007, conditional formatting, worksheet communication problems....

2011-09-09, 03:49 PM
I am having a lot of difficulty trying to make this spreadsheet run as smoothly as possible. I needed to add some columns to automate much of the repetitive data entry and this caused much of the conditional formatting to not work properly. I know the formulas should be an easy fix, but i can't quite get the coding correct.

There are 5 attachments....but it all really is supposed to be in one workbook.

i am needing to fix the bugs for the color coding in columns ‘j’, ‘m’, ‘p’, ‘q’, ‘ai’, ‘aj’, ‘al’, ‘ao’, ‘ap’ and ‘at’
i am needing to fix the bugs that are causing the dollar amounts to change to random dates in column ‘ab’
these are to adhere to the rule that first they will draw the color coding based on today’s date (cell ‘c2’) as long as the date in the coorelating row found in cell ‘as’ is ‘tbd’ or blank. If a date is in the coorelating row in column ‘as’…that date will superceed today’s date ‘c2’

as with the rules populating the ‘sept’11 analysis’, i need the same kind of rules to populate ‘short sale incentives’ and ‘short sale offer analysis’………..this is proving to be tricky as they are coded with macros that draw from ‘orig lp & loss’ as well as ‘list price reduction’. I’m trying to get these to fill themeselves out based on the information placed in the ‘sept’11’ spreadsheet in each new row. If another value is entered in a cell in column ‘c’….a 2nd module (to the right) in ‘short sale incentives’ and ‘short sale offer analysis’ will autopopulate as well.