View Full Version : XLSX issue after proc export from SAS 9.4

2014-12-03, 11:32 PM
Hi - I am continuously experiencing the same issue whenever I export a sas dataset into excel. The newly created excel file does not allow for any filtering, or other data functions. All functions are grayed out. A filename suffix is always appearing that states '[Group]'. I use SAS9.4, Windows 7, and MS Office 2007. Has anyone experienced this before? The only resolution I have found is to close everything and reboot my computer. Then, when I reopen the excel file, all functions are active again. I am using proc export to dbms=xlsx.

Thank you!

2014-12-03, 11:59 PM
Okay, I see what's happening, but couldn't delete the thread. Appears that multiple worksheets are being exported~not sure how to prevent this from happening, as it appears to create a corrupted worksheet + the worksheet I intended to export. But figured out the [Group] does go away once I deselect the multiple worksheets.

2014-12-24, 01:26 AM
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