View Full Version : Add an unrelated label to a chart with a stacked bar and scatter plot graph

John Steel
2014-11-21, 05:25 PM
I have a chart displaying a stacked horizontal bar graph to display a range of data with another series plotted as a scatter plot graph to identify the average within that range. I'd like to add a label to the left of each bar identifying the (unrelated data) number of data points (units) represented by each bar. Below is a picture of the chart, a picture of the chart with an example of how I'd like the label to be inserted and a link to the excel.
2868 2870

The labels I'd like to attach are for the number of units located in cells D14:J14.

I've previously tried to identify the average in each stacked bar by adding a series with a small value where the average is and formatting its border a different color and thicker line but the next series (above the average) partially covers it up which is why I went with the scatter plot to show the average (plus I like the diamond marker better).

This is a difficult problem to describe so if anyone can take the time to look into the attached pics and excel and provide some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.