View Full Version : Forum Upgrade August 25, 2011

Ken Puls
2011-08-25, 05:36 PM
Hi folks,

I'm going to be upgrading the forum to the latest software patch tonight between 8:00pm and 12:00pm Pacific time (GMT -8:00). In order to do so, I'll be shutting off the board through that window. (It will still work fine between now and then, so feel free to keep posting questions and answers!) :)

You shouldn't notice much difference here at all when I'm done, but part of the upgrade is also the installation of vBulletin's content management system and blogs. Over the next few weeks I plan on migrating all of the content from my existing site into this software so that I can a single system to manage everything. This should add some nice new features to the site, but we'll talk more about those later, when I'm ready to release.

I'll let you all know what the software has been installed.

Simon Lloyd
2011-08-25, 05:46 PM
Good luck :)

Ken Puls
2011-08-25, 09:46 PM
Thanks Simon!

Ken Puls
2011-08-26, 04:58 AM
All righty! That took a lot less time than I was expecting, so it looks like the upgrade of the software is complete. I've noticed that replies now have an auto-save feature when you've been typing for a while... that's a nice add!

If anyone notices any issues or bugs with the upgrade, please post them here. I'll try and get them fixed as fast as possible.


2011-08-26, 08:00 AM
Hi Ken...

on my side, all things are working well.
Thanks for the upgrade :)

Best regards :-)

Simon Lloyd
2011-08-27, 04:39 PM
Hi Ken, i've been feature testing...etc no problems as yet - good job :)

Ken Puls
2011-08-28, 04:46 AM
Great news, thanks guys!