View Full Version : PowerPivot - DRILLTHROUGH doesn't seem to help me, data does not pops out =/

2014-10-28, 02:36 PM
Hello everyone!


As everyone is used to the 'drill-through' feature upon the common pivot table, where you double click a calculated cell (not column label, nor row label) and then its relative data pops out into another spreadsheet. And everyone know it's an awesome feature.

BUT, in PowerPivot the 'drill-through' feature works, but NOT ALWAYS, and, that is the problem.

I have a DataModel with about 10 different tables, all of them relationing with each other. So, I got my power pivot pivot table using this data model and, i think due to its complexity, the double click doesnt work =( ... It says that i have to select fewer itens or fields to make it work.

So, I wonder, Is there any way I can make this double click feature works properly?

I need a solution for the end user. I'll provide the workbook for him and then he have to be able to double click any power pivot pivot table cell and SHAZAM! The related data pops out right in front his face!

Someone can help me?