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2011-08-21, 09:37 PM
I am very bad at excel and I hope you can help me with my equation.
I am sure it is rather simple, however not for myself as I can not figure it out.

my data as follows, for example:

cell O15 is my quantity
cell T15 is price A
cell U15 is price B
cell V15 is price C

when O15 quantity is <6, it is Price A (T15), when the quantity >5 but <11 it is Price B U15, and of course when the quantity is >10 the Price is C V15,
I have come up with the string: =IF((O15)<6,O15*t15, 0) and this is my start, but how do i connect the remaining two variables in the same string?
Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Phillips
2011-08-22, 09:04 AM


or reduce it to


Bob Phillips
2011-08-22, 09:09 AM
Just for fun, another solution


2011-08-22, 01:00 PM
Thank you very much!
That string worked just perfect.

Thanks agaiin