View Full Version : Parameterization is required for this code

2014-09-24, 06:10 AM
Hi Team,

Actually I gone through the below code it is working file,It will connect to database and retrieve table results in sheet.
Here we are providing table name in Sqlquery so it is picking only that table details(table1)
Instead of that using the same code it will take table names that is present in sheet1 from A1 to A6 and give the results of those tables data in another sheet.
Dim strSQL As String
Dim strResult As String
Dim OraDynaSet As Object
Dim i As Integer
strScript = "select tablenames, OWNER from ALLTABLES group by tablenames where tablenames in('table1')

Set OraDynaSet = objDataBase.DBCreateDynaset(Script, 0&)

If OraDynaSet.RecordCount > 0 then
For i = 1 to OraDynaSet.RecordCount
ActiveSheet.Cells(i,1) = OraDynaSet.Fields(0).Value
ActiveSheet.Cells(i,2) = OraDynaSet.Fields(1).Value
Next i
End if