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2014-08-10, 02:47 AM
Hi friends,

I have a set of data, from which I have created a PivotTable and that's all fine and dandy. The original data has a Date field, which lists each individual date (DD/MM/YYY) for each particular record and it has already been sorted in ascending order.

Onto the PivotTable, I have grouped them by month then by quarter (Excel does this automatically after I have selected them to be grouped). However, right now, how can I expand the individual months within the quarter (to see the individual dates within that particular month)?

It currently looks like this:
(see attached file as I am unable to post links)

Please let me know how I would be able to go about expanding it in order to view the individual dates for the particular month(s).

Thank you!

(Using Excel 2013)

2014-08-10, 01:19 PM
try grouping by Days, Months, and Quarters instead of just Months and Quarters