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2014-06-05, 11:57 PM
I have Item Name n one column and Item code in second column in Sheet2.
I would like to create drop down list in Sheet one. View both columns information in drop down list in the sheet1 drop down list and select and write any only one column value.
Example: View Apple 100 in drop down list in sheet one and able to select and write Item code 100 in the cell


Item Name Item Code
Apple 100

Mango 101

Orange 102

Banana 103

Note: My actual Item list is long -say about 50 Items an with code So for easy entry, need search function if possible

I would like to see Item name with code in drop down list and write only the tem code in the cell.

I would like the drop down list without using Code / VBA as I o not know much about VBA

Would any one help me?

2014-06-06, 01:00 PM
If you want to return only the item code in the same cell as the dropdown after selection, you will need some vba

Check for sample here:


Under Data Validation, look for 'DV0005 - Data Validation "Columns"'

If you can put the result in a separate cell after selection, then you won't necessarily need VBA. You can combine the tables in Sheet2, use that new column in your Dropdown List, then do an Index/Match in a separate cell to return only the code associated.

2014-06-09, 10:35 PM
Thank you very much for your help.

I will go through the link and leran.

Best regrads


2014-10-01, 11:26 AM
Can we retain the format of the text in origin data. Means if the text are in bold / italic / red or green in color, etc?