View Full Version : Mail Merge - Decimal Point Issue - data is ok in Excel not in Word

2014-05-06, 07:34 PM

Excel and Word version: 2007

I have a list of numbers which display correctly in Excel - currency to 2 decimal places - though when I create the mail merge doc in Word that I need I get varying number of decimal places. How do I stop this happening - I would like to bring through the currency symbol and display to 2 dp?

If necessary I can live without the currency symbol coming through for the time being.

Unfortunately because they are invoices I am creating it isn't acceptable.

I consider myself a fairly competent user of Word and Excel but finding it frustrating to resolve this one and being my first post to the forum, I'm hoping someone can help me find a solution.



2015-01-04, 09:08 PM
Is this still relevant seeming it's from May??? A common problem resolved by showing/toggling the field code in the Main Document and add \#$,#.00 after the field name (within the curly brackets).