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2011-07-24, 05:32 AM
Nothing but grief with this feeble Microsoft effort. Improve on feature at the expense of another.

Anyone have any idea why my desktop icons have gone to a generic IE picture or to an globe? One of a myriad of settings glitches.

One other question, is Crystal Reports compatible with Windows 7?

Ken Puls
2011-07-26, 05:55 AM
Sounds like some of the applications may have lost their file associations. You could try going to your start menu and typing "file associations" in the search bar. Then select "Change the file type associated with an extension." At this point, you can reset the file extension for uncoperative program by choosing "Change Program". (Of course, if they seem registered correctly, then it's something else.)

Re Crystal, what version? I see a lot of threads asking about compatibility out there... it leads me to believe that older versions may not be...

2011-07-26, 10:46 PM
I have done some searching and this is either a Windows 7 or IE 9 programming bug. Why upgrade a system and take away basic things that were well used. Many forums online indicate deep frustration. The solutions are utterly ridiculous and to complex to chase.

As for Crystal Reports, I have discovered there is a compatibility issue, at least in the application I am trying to use. I have left that issue with the technical folks who utilize Crystal Reports to provide us online information. The MS move to Windows 7 is the root cause of the compatibility issue.

Ken Puls
2011-07-29, 06:17 PM
The MS move to Windows 7 is the root cause of the compatibility issue.

I know that you're frustrated, but I can't agree with this. Windows 7 has been out for close to 2 years now. The lack of proper support by Crystal to come up with a fix is the main cause of the issue that you're dealing with. In fact, the Windows 7 core is heavily based off Windows Vista, which was a breaking change.

I know it can be frustrating, and believe me, I have my share of frustration too, but my personal feeling is that Windows 7 is a pretty stable product. (Vista was not.) It has much better security baked into it than XP did and I find it MUCH more stable. (I used to bluescreen XP at least once per week.)

I won't argue about the complexity of chasing issues. Totally agree there, and I'm not impressed with IE9's lack of user interface either.