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2014-04-03, 08:34 AM
Hello everybody,

I have a small challenge, which I cannot solve myself.

I have data in an excel file, which is entered continously (the data is performance). Now to analyse the data, I have created a formula that gives me the last 10 entries average. This average is written in a cell (e.g. C3), and obviously changes everytime new data is entered. Now I would like a graph to show this average (right now it is just shown as a single column). I would like the presentation graph to be continous, for examlpe to read the cell, put the point on the graph, and when the cell is changed to put a new point, while still showing the last one. The x-axis should be e.g. 30 days, and Y-axis is the data.

The performance data is entered once a day.

I really hope you can help me with this.

2014-04-03, 07:05 PM
Could you provide us with a file?

2014-04-04, 08:20 AM
I have now inserted an example file, with data (which is being edited once a day, i.e. it expands downwards).

The 10-day average is showing the last 10 entries average (regardless of the empty cells).

The single column is representing the 10-day average.

NOW I would like the column to become a graph, that "remembers" the last (say) 30 10-days averages.

I hope it makes sense!


2014-04-06, 07:56 PM
Will look at this Monday (Uk)

2014-04-07, 04:18 PM
See attached.

2014-04-08, 01:39 PM
Many many thanks!