View Full Version : Adding numbers together when text in same cell

2011-07-19, 09:18 AM
Hi !
I'm having trouble doing something I thought would be fairly easy. I'm creating a spreadsheet to track my business mileage. I have columns for each days containing cells that contain something like "Home to Birmingham office 72 miles" and say another cell containing "Bristol office to London office 120 miles" I'm trying to add together the 72 and the 120 to give me 192 but am struggling to do this. Can anyone tell me if it's poosible and how to do this please. Many thanks in advance.


Bob Phillips
2011-07-19, 09:54 AM
Change the spreadsheet. Have the journey in one cell, and the mileage in an adjacent cell, with a format of 0.0 "miles", then you can add the mileage no problems.

Armando L Franco
2011-08-17, 03:41 PM
You can have the following columns:
a1 From:
b1 To:
c1 Miles:
d1 Description:

Then add in the next row:
a2 Home
b2 Birmingham Office
c2 Miles
d2 =Concatenate(a2, " to ", b2, c2, " miles")

You will save some typing, can add column C to get mileage, and can hide columns A to C before sending or printing. The end result will be just like what you have now.