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2014-02-26, 03:08 AM
Hi everybody!
I'd like first to apologize for writing here what I couldn't elsewhere (it seems my question doesn't fit this forums thema).
Perhaps someone can help me enter this new world for me.:peace:
My problem is this: I just can't get PowerPivot installed...
What happens: 1st I get the file from Microsoft site, and download it; as I double-click it, the installer just doesn't start!?
A friend of mine told me that it seems that has to do with proxy problems from office administrator...
Because of a wall such as this, I just can't get things done...:drama:
Therefore I'm looking desperaaaatly for a offline download from PowerPivot, is there such a file in the world...?
I appreciate your answers very much!


Bob Phillips
2014-02-26, 09:41 AM
I don't know what you mean by offline download, but even assuming you get such a thing, why would that work any better to bypass your corporate controls? Why don't you talk to your IT admin guy(s)?

2014-02-26, 12:18 PM
Hi Bob! You're right to say that... but, actually, I'm afraid it would be so much easier to get a direct link to the 'whole file'.
I work in a great company, and wouldn't like to be through all protocols that comes when dealing with specific issues...
Sorry but I'm not acquainted to these vocabulary... I've been told it would be a stand-alone file, or something like that.
The idea is so, I can't make the installation through a file that connects itself to the web and downloads the 'whole software'; because of proxy 'procedures'.
For me it seems as this first file I've downloaded is just a starter of the process of installing, am I right?

Bob Phillips
2014-02-26, 03:54 PM
Sounds to me that you are trying to circumvent company policy, you should be careful.

PowerPivot doesn't connect to the web as far as I am aware, you download the file, then run the install. I am talking Excel 2010 here, if you have 2013 it is another matter.

Zack Barresse
2014-03-06, 09:46 PM
I think you're getting your IT vernacular confused. There are indeed installer packages which download their bits from the web. This keeps the install file slim, while still able to run their bootstrapper (a set of code which runs one or more routines on install/uninstall, as opposed to the setup file handling it all within itself). It's my impression the Power Pivot install file is a self-contained file. In any case you will still need admin privileges to run the install, so if you don't have administrative rights, you'll have to get someone involved who does (presumably your IT peeps).

Like Bob said, what install package you get depends on what version of Excel you are running.