View Full Version : Office365 launch and end of the beta test accounts

2011-06-29, 11:12 AM
Hi there...

the Beta is over and Office365 was launched. I also got an e-Mail from MS informing me about the end of the beta phase and that my acount was 'transformed' to a 30 day test account. This means that I will close/delete my user test accounts in a near future. However, I will keep an account for me as I will continue to use Office365 for myself and for some more reasons.

How about the others, will you keep/create accounts for Office365?

Best regards :-)

Ken Puls
2011-06-29, 05:31 PM
I might consider it for a small company or organization (would be a great fit for a volunteer org if MS would price it right). Personally though, I don't think I have a ton of use for it.