View Full Version : PowerPivot to Analyze Tweets

Ken Puls
2011-06-18, 12:21 AM
Thought this was kind of interesting... Microsoft's solution for analyzing tweets.

It's a shame that they can only pull in a few days though... I'd prefer to see a few months of data personally, but I guess that's a Twitter limitation.


2011-06-18, 09:31 AM
Hi Ken,

Yes, this is tool is very interesting and cool and I also think, the limitation may
be from Twitter :-)

However, users who are not using an English (US) date and system format on
their Windows will encounter a problem when updating the tables due to a
PowerPivot Bug.

So, these users (like me) may firstly change the system date and time format
to English (US) before starting Excel and running Twitter Analyzer data Updates.

Best regards :-)

Ken Puls
2011-06-20, 06:43 PM
Ouch. That's not good!

I saw the following comment on Twitter this morning regarding this one: "Tried out MS' Analytics for twitter. Cool idea, but takes way too many steps to refresh with new search results. #powerpivot"

While not specifically an issue with this add-in, I couldn't agree more. We need a VBA interface to kick off automatic refresh.

2011-06-20, 07:30 PM
Hi Ken...

We need a VBA interface to kick off automatic refresh.

Yes, full agree, can't wait for it :)

Best regards :-)