View Full Version : How to compare 2 worksheets datas on a sheet?

2013-09-29, 02:03 PM
I have 2 sheets in a file.One sheet is GLR-Sep and other sheet is GLR-Aug.Most of the common part Code are same in both the sheets.But Qty,Rate and amount may be differ of a part code.Because,we are comparing to Sep month from Aug month.

Can we prepare a summary sheet which shows the result as below:-

1-Place automatic all the part codes,part name and unit,having in both sheets in a single or not repeat. ( Column B to D )
2-Place automatic total Qty and amount as per Sheet of a part code ( Column E and G for Sep and Column H and J for Aug ).Rate is divide to amount by Qty.
3-Desired Result ( Column L to N ).Preferably descending order of the amount ( Column N ).

Can it be possible through MACRO Working or excel based formulas?

Refer the attach file for more clarification.

2015-01-28, 07:13 AM
it can be possible by using Pivot.
pl find attachment. where you get 3 Sheet i.e,

Data Merge Sheet- Data Merge according to month.
PIVOT Sheet-Create Pivot Report, Source sheet Data Merge.
Repot Summery Sheet-As per your summery sheet. Copy the data from pivot and arrange accordingly.