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2011-06-10, 01:00 PM
Hi All

Firstly, I know this question is in the wrong place, can't seem to be ableto post anywhere else. :confused2:

Please have a look at the attachment; it is a very basic spread sheet thatI'm using to capture and double check the calculations for my studentsí marks.

(I wish I could have made the sheet a lot 'cooler' and more automated, butalas I am very much an Excel virgin.)

Once I've protected the sheet there are only a few cells that can bechanged. Mainly so that other staff members don't mess it up.

->Protect the sheet -> select only unlocked cells; then enter a fewnumbers in the red blocks to see the calculations and how each cell then refersto another to generate more sheets giving a complete break down and then afinal report sheet... (left to right)

I told you it was basic hey?

How do I link cells from the 'Template' to Johns and Mary's etc. sheets tobe able to make changes to certain cells without changing any information inthe 'red squares' or in the formulas?



I need to make the 'Acting' template look like the template on the 'exampleof new template' tab.

These changes need to be applied to John and Mary's template automatically.

But, if/when I enter John's marks or marks on the 'template', Mary's marks /Johns' marks shouldn't change.

With me?

Will appreciate any help.



Roger Govier
2011-06-10, 01:11 PM

Can you give some more detail on what it is you are trying to do.
I have opened the workbook, but I cannot follow what it is you are trying to achieve

2011-06-10, 01:30 PM
Apply changes to cells.

e.g. If on Sheet One, cell A5, I enter the number 27. Sheet Two, cell A5 must also = 27, as well as sheet Three cell A5 = 27 etc.

Roger Govier
2011-06-10, 03:45 PM
I'm sorry, but that doesn't help.

What is sheet1?
Your sheets all have names.
Be absolutely specific as to what you want, then we can help you.

especially in the context of

But, if/when I enter John's marks or marks on the 'template', Mary's marks /Johns' marks shouldn't change.