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2011-06-01, 05:33 PM

see this below

Q1 April May June
Q2 july august september
Q3 oct nov dec
Q4 jan feb mar

and the drop down says

select year and month : 2010.june

then i need to display april may and june
if april then my formula of excel needs to display only april
more detail is
if 2010.april now based onthis i need to select april month data from the Quarter1
if 2010.May is selected then i need to select april and may months data from Quarter 1
if 2010.june is selected then i need to select april , may and june i.e all the months data in the Quarter1

my question is how to write a formula based on this selection
the retrieving from data base i will take care

thanks for ur help

Ken Puls
2011-06-01, 06:33 PM
Hi Applebee, and welcome to the forum.

How about this?

2011-06-01, 06:38 PM
thanks Ken
that solves my issue

Ken Puls
2011-06-01, 06:43 PM
Great, glad to be of help. :)

2011-06-01, 07:04 PM

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