View Full Version : Moving Microsoft Access 2003 database to Excel Web on Skydrive

2011-05-22, 07:04 PM
I have a MS Access 2003 Database with about 5mb of information that i'd love to have a copy of and ability to update on Web Excel...since Access is not available. I'd like to think this would be an easy copy and paste situation, but I doubt it's that easy. The machine is using Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2003 as I said. Please advise the easiest method or if it's even possible at all. If I can even simply use Web Excel as a place to have a back up copy without having the ability to update that would be ok as well, as long as I can do this often and easily. Thanks

Ken Puls
2011-05-25, 06:47 AM
Hi there, and welcome to the forum!

One thing I'm curious about... is all of your data stored in a single Access table? If so, then you could try:

Go to Data --> Import External Data --> Import
Browse for your database
Follow the prompts
From there, you should be able to pull your data in. Then save the file up to your skydrive and it should convert to an xlsx file for you automatically.

I'd have to ask if you really want to go there though... if it's in Access now, I'd assume that the data is a bit more structured/complicated than Excel is designed for?