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2011-05-19, 10:36 PM
Hello from Raabi

Would any geek help me in solving the following problem:

I have two Worksheets: "sheet1" and "sheet2".
In column "Value2" of the "sheet1", I need to put values from the corresponding row numbers and "event" column of the "sheet2".

I tried, in vain, a formula, in each cell of the column "Value2" of the "sheet1"; similar to the following Pseudo syntax:


Please note that the two sheets are fairly large and frequently updated; and therefore just pasting the values from sheet2 is not a viable solution.


Roger Govier
2011-05-20, 01:33 AM
You could try


and copy down

2011-05-20, 09:30 AM
Thank you so much, Roger, for your help.
Although Excel reports some error "#REF", I will try to work it out. However, further tip in this direction will be appreciated.


Roger Govier
2011-05-20, 10:17 AM

My apologies - typing in the early hours of the morning is obviously not very productive!!!
I made a complete hash of the formula.

The formula should have been


but I guess you amended the formula OK, otherwise you wouldn't have got anything.

You would get #N/A errors if the number didn't exist in column A of sheet2, and a 0 if there was no value in the Event column of sheet2.

Can you attach a copy of your workbook - click Go Advanced and then use the paper clip to attach the file.