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2011-05-13, 11:25 AM

Looking for a bit of help with my shift rota spreadsheet. On the Schedule part of the sheet I choose the names of people doing the shifts and there hours are auto calculated on employee hours page.

However what im looking to do is have an auto look up on Shifts by name page where it looks to the schedule and pulls over the data to the corresponding name, ie shift and time.

I have attached the spreadsheet to this thread any help is appreciated.

Thanks in adavance70

Ken Puls
2011-05-18, 05:40 AM
Hi there,

Welcome to the forum, and sorry it took so long to get an answer back to you. I was ridiculously busy this past weekend.

I've filled in some formulas for you, but I'll warn you that th formula to pull back the hours is fragile. Your data sheet is in a difficult format to work with. With multiple rows for some areas and not others, it takes some work to make sure the right data is coming back.

At any rate, this sure work for you.


Simon Lloyd
2011-05-18, 06:27 AM
I agree Ken, whilst you have provided a solution i really think that the workbook layout and structure should be reworked, it's likely to become unmanageable in it's present form.